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Triiou thought he would be fine at the end of the first day.  It wasn't that far of a walk to the cool shade of the least it didn't look that far away.  By the end of the second day, the poor Exeggutor realized how terribly wrong that assumption was.
It seemed the farther he walked, the farther away the mountain moved.  Not all places with an abundance of sun were welcoming to his kind.  The sun in the islands was warm and nourishing, with a cool breeze off the ocean to balance it.  The desert sun, however...
The desert sun was oppressively hot, with a harsh breeze like that out of an oven.  To make it even worse, the breeze was filled with stinging sand and bugs.  The ground burned Triiou's feet and tail head...he had gotten so tired and dehydrated that his tail hung limp with its eyes closed.  His usually healthy and glossy leaves were dull and limp and becoming crispy at the tips.
Triiou crunched his way across a dry riverbed of gravel, willing himself to at least make it up the adjacent hill before the sun set.  Maybe, just maybe there was somewhere shady it rest?  Something to drink?  A settlement?  
His long neck drooped and all three heads panted with exhaustion.  
The climb up the hill was apainful one.  Triiou stumbled several times, slipping on loose rocks and dead pieces of wood.  Something pricked him on his side.  He glanced over to see that several spiny balls of cacti had embedded themselves in his skin.  By the time he made it to the top of the hill, Triiou's head was pounding and his legs wobbled as if they were made of gelatin.
The view from the hilltop offered no consolation...  
The desert stretched out in front of his view like a swath of brown and green sprinkled paint.  The mountain still loomed ages away.  Not a sign of water or life anywhere...
Triiou was done; he was out of strength and out of will.  His legs gave out and he collapsed right there in the desert heat, too weak to care that the rocks were burning him.  Triiou wasn't sure if he passed out or not.  He kept remembering his trainer, hastily releasing him into the desert before leaving on the back of his articuno.  There was no way for the lofty tree being to follow...
When he wasn't desperately trying to remember what he did wrong to be released, he was watching the occasional fireball zip across the desert.  The fireballs were silvery blue and they didn't follow straight paths; they would meander around, following paths and washes, sometimes chasing each other.  Triiou assumed he was starting to lose him mind from the dehydration.  
One golden colored fireball flared up in the center of Triiou's vision.  The silver colored ones seemed to avoid it as it darted from place to place.  The golden fireball made its way to the base of the hill and paused.  It hovered in place for about a minute, then bolted straight up the hill toward Triiou.
Triiou closed his eyes and braced himself to be claimed by the golden blaze.  No searing pain ever came, though.  Triiou cautiously opened one eye on each of his heads.
An alien, yet somehow familiar being hovered before him.  It had three round heads and a crown of leaves on its head.  It was certainly some sort of Exeggutor, but not any kind Triiou had ever seen.  
The being was much smaller than him, but that wasn't saying much.  The leaves were stiff and spiny and matched a set of short wings on the new exeggutor's size.  The most noticeable feather however was that this tree-being was on fire!  Golden flames surrounded its body and lit up the nearby trees and rocks.  
Certainly this spirit was here to take him to the afterlife...  Triiou knew then that he had succumbed to the heat.  He went limp and waited for the fiery entity to claim him.

Triiou didn't remember anything else from that night.  The next thing he knew, cool water was being poured on his three main faces.  He struggled to wake up from a painful and restless sleep and eagerly swallowed mouthfuls of the water.  Whatever it was made sure to pour it right in his main head's mouth.  
The water waspleasantly cold and had an almost sweet mineral flavor to it.  Triiou drank it all up, feeling his strength beginning to return and his head pounding less and less.  Wherever he was, it was way cooler than the day before.  Once Triiou could focus his eyes properly, he saw that he was inside a sandstone cave.  The floor was made of fine sand and the walls were deep orange and illuminated from a single beam of sunlight slanting in from high above.
"I'll get some more," a deadpan tone stated.
The entity from before stared at Triiou, holding a dried gourd between the pointy parts of their leaves.  
"Th, thank you..."
Somewhere between the end of thank and the beginning of you, the strange Exeggutor disappeared in a plume of fire.  Triiou could see the trail fading in the direction they had run, leading outside the cave they were in.  He couldn't remember how he was brought to the cave, but a trail in the sand leading to his resting spot suggesting he had been dragged.
It didn't take more than five minutes of dumbfounded staring for the peculiar fiery tree to return.  Without a word, they started pouring more water into Triiou's mouth.  He drank it all and sighed contentedly.
"So uh...wh, wh, what's your name?"
Triiou found it hard to talk in the presence of the golden fire tree.  He had no idea why.
L'Santhe was a strange name.  Triiou had never heard it before.  L'Santhe sounded female, though.
"My name is Triiou."
L'Santhe was quiet for awhile.  She lifted herself into the air and settled into a rock formation a few feet off the cave floor.  She reclined against the rocks and took out a leather bound book.  She began to draw or write in it, Triiou couldn't tell.
Triiou began to try and get up.  His body still felt pretty heavy, but his balance was back.
"You should rest.  I'll get food in a little while," L'Santhe ordered.
Triiou sat back down, but instead lifted his main heads up to L'Santhe's level.  He peered over L'Santhe's pointy head leaves and looked at what she was doing.  In the leather bound book, she drew several sketches of birds, clouds, and some dog like creatures.  The sketches were a little jittery looking, since the paper was handmade and very textured.
The fiery Exeggutor noticed Triiou behind her, watching.  She closed the book with the pencil still in it and cast Triiou a glare.  
"S, sorry!"
Triiou withdrew his heads and allowed L'Santhe to go back to sketching.
It was a good ten minutes before L'Santhe spoke again.
" did you get so far from Paradise City?"
"The big city of exeggutors?  Where else would you be from?"
"Well I'm from Alola."
L'Santhe looked over her book at Triiou.
"You were somebody's Pokemon..." she said with a hint of sympathy.
"Yes..." Triiou sighed, "He let me go out here because there was a lot of sun and I couldn't follow him home."
"Well..." L'Santhe stalled for a moment, "I'm sure they'll help you in Paradise City...they welcome new exeggutors."
Triiou settled back down in the indentation he had made in the cool sandy floor.  He curled his neck around himself.  For some reason, the realization that he would never see his home again hadn't hit him until right then.  His many eyes teared up, but he tried to hide it.
L'Santhe set aside her book and floated down from her perch.
"Eh hmm...don't cry..." L'Santhe awkwardly tried, "They'll love you over in Paradise city..."
Solstice and Equinox
Equinox the shiny exeggutor meets another shiny exeggutor who is very angry for some reason.  After a fight, Equinox learns the source of the angry tree's anger is his embarrassing name and years of neglect from his trainer.  He is renamed Solstice.
Commission: Palmiir by DovahkiinNightShift

If you want a commission, you should check out :icondovahkiinnightshift:  Her commissions are cute, economical, and she's great at communicating and getting them done ^_^  Thanks again, :icondovahkinnightshift:


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